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22 Ocak 2010 Cuma

what colour?!

If there was no colour, what could we do? Really I'm curious if life was black and white, could it be colourful as well? :)

I think the colours in our lives have a value that we can't imagine. You know what? Just one day in our lives has to be black and white, so we can get the value of the colours.

BTW some experts say that animals don't see colours or they see only this colour, that colour... Ok! But I don't think that's a problem for animals. Because if they don't and didn't see any colour, this means they don't know there is another colour except what they see. Besides they will not be able to know that we see more than they see.

In addition to that I don't think we have more colourful lives than animals. Sometimes we have to change our forms I think. Sometimes we can be a bird for instance and watch the world from the sky or beyond, feel the air... Also we can feel the water and the sea if we become a fish... Little fish... Very pretty... :)

It could be sooo good

we can't.

Who knows,
may be I can... my dreams...

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